Share these 4 simple steps & your contact lens-wearing employees will love you


In 1508, when Leonardo da Vinci first illustrated his concept of contact lenses for the world, do you think that he was imagining how popular contacts would become and how easy it would be to someday get them on this thing we call “the internet”…using your vision benefits allowance?

It’s 2016, and you need to know it’s for real. Did you know 18% of contact purchases are made online and that purchase trend is growing, according to The Vision Council? Because EyeMed challenges the status quo on every front, our members can apply their vision benefits to online contacts purchases with a few clicks or taps.

This is great news for Millennials like me, now the largest segment of the workforce and heavy users of mobile devices, especially when it comes to shopping. A recent study by Deloitte found 77% of Millennials are using smartphones more than 2 hours a day. And while online is second nature to us, we’re not the only ones drawn to eCommerce.

About 70% of American adults own a smartphone and 70% shop online at least once a month. So even if they aren’t buying contacts online now, many will be open to the idea with a little education from their HR advisor.

How to make your contact lens-wearing employees happy

Be the HR hero. Let your employees know about using their contacts benefit online. I used because it was so simple. Here’s how it worked:

  1. I chose an eye doctor for my eye exam and to get my updated contact lens prescription.
  2. Then I went to the web site and selected the contacts my doctor prescribed.
  3. When I added them to my shopping cart, my benefit allowance instantly applied.
  4. One final click completed my purchase and the prescription verification, then the package came to my door (and shipping was free—gotta love that!).

For you and your employees, this is a happy benefits game changer. Even the brilliant forward-thinker Leonardo da Vinci would have been impressed with this innovation.