What is EyeMed Individual?

Different from our group business, EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans offer 3 standard levels of coverage for individual purchase. Offering it is a win-win (for you and for consumers).

Grow your book

Great product for multi-lining and retention improvement

Make money

10% new and renewal commissions for appointed producers

Offer affordable options

3 standard plans with rates starting at just $5/month

Provide flexibility

Single, single +1 and family tiers available


EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans

Starting at $5.00/month

{"chart_name": "Vision plan comparison","cta_leadin":"Starting at:","cta_row_label": "Vision plan comparison", "coverages":[{"type": "EyeMed Healthy ", "type_descrip": "An eye exam plus great discounts on glasses & contacts", "theme_color": "leaf", "cta_option": {"Vision plan comparison":"$5.00/month"}, "options":{"Comprehensive eye exam -covered after copay": "true","Frames": "Discounts apply","Lenses SV / BV / TF": "Discounts apply","Contact lenses": "Discounts apply","Additional discounts": "true","Out-of-Network benefits": "true"} },{"type": "EyeMed Bold", "type_descrip": "Essential vision coverage to get what you need", "theme_color": "grape", "cta_option": {"Vision plan comparison":"$17.50/month"}, "options":{"Comprehensive eye exam -covered after copay": "true","Frames": "Covered allowance","Lenses SV / BV / TF": "Covered with copay","Contact lenses": "Covered allowance","Additional discounts": "true","Out-of-Network benefits": "true"} },{"type": "EyeMed Bright ", "type_descrip": "More coverage for you and your family ", "theme_color": "sun", "cta_option": {"Vision plan comparison":"$30.00/month"}, "options":{ "Comprehensive eye exam -covered after copay": "true", "Frames": "Covered allowance", "Lenses SV / BV / TF": "Covered with copay", "Contact lenses": "Covered allowance", "Additional discounts": "true", "Out-of-Network benefits": "true" } } ]}