Vision care that fits in a carry on


A global workforce deserves a global travel solution. EyeMed is prepared to support your employees’ vision care needs from any part of the world. 

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, facing a vision care emergency while out of the country can be debilitating. Imagine losing or breaking your glasses in a country where you don’t speak the language. These things happen. But you’re not alone. EyeMed’s vision care support is designed to reach your employees from any distance.

How Vision Abroad came to be

In 2022, an EyeMed employee embarked on his annual trip to visit family residing overseas. Accompanied by his wife and children, the family packed their bags and set out for the Philippines. The first scenic destination on their list was one of the country’s most renowned waterfalls. But unfortunately, no one could have prepared for what happened next.

What started as a fun-filled family adventure soon became a nightmare. Gravity took hold and an essential pair of glasses slid off into the waterfall, instantly swept into the depths.

In the blink of an eye, the most critical of our five senses—sight—was stripped away. And thousands of miles from home, too. Realizing that many EyeMed members might find themselves in a similar situation, our innovative employee came up with the idea for a solution for eyewear emergencies when traveling internationally.

The world may find innovative ways to obstruct vision, so we developed a program to ensure members can see clearly across the globe—Vision Abroad.

An overnight sight solution for your employees’ travel emergencies

No matter where work or play takes your employees, EyeMed has trusted providers around the world to make sure they have access to vision care when an emergency sneaks up.

Vision Abroad* provides the following:

  • 24/7 support: employees can call EyeMed member services to find the nearest trusted provider—anytime, anywhere
  • Next-day eyewear: employees will receive temporary, adjustable eyewear delivered next-day** in case of an emergency
  • Extensive selection: employees can choose from a worldwide directory of trusted providers who sell authentic name-brand frames
  • Easy claim filing: employees can submit paperless claims for out-of-network exams and materials reimbursement by filling out an online form and providing a photo of the receipt
  • Freedom from language barriers: for international support, we provide translation services to support optical transactions with 160 languages for help during the appointment

Vision Abroad helps your employees see the world and experience life to the fullest. Because eyewear emergencies know no boundaries.

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*Vision Abroad is not an insured benefit. Broken/lost glasses are not insured by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® until the next benefit frequency. In-network travel solution is not insured by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®.

**Replacement glasses are delivered within 24 hours in most cases. Availability is based on the domiciled state of your employees’ plan benefits.

Fully insured clients are underwritten by: Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company®, Kansas City, MO 64111 and Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company® of New York.