Top 5 things to know about group portal changes


When it comes to benefits management, consistency and ease are critical. Organizations are more frequently turning to turnkey digital solutions to simplify communications to employees and to ease the administrative burdens for their clients. Our goal and challenge was to deliver solutions to meet those expectations.

At EyeMed we’ve made several updates to our primary online group portal. Below are the top 5 things to know about these changes:

1. Real-time system updates
Membership updates can be made instantaneously allowing for greater control to better service your employee population in real time.

2. Improved ease of use
We improved site navigation, and search capabilities and we can now provide streamlined member maintenance options. Simple things like clear headings should reduce the time it takes to find desired information and self-help tools let you manage your account at your discretion. The improved search capability for all members is simplified. Once you’ve selected your action you’ll only see required fields to complete a request.

3. Better view of reporting
Enrollment reports are now available at two levels: either large group overview or you can drill down to specific subgroup populations. This allows you greater flexibility to look at specific subgroups with ease.

4. Insights into action
We’ve been looking at different ways to improve the online client experience. Last fall, clients participated in a satisfaction survey and we listened to your feedback during business reviews. You called out specific things you'd like to see updated or improved online. After that we decided that now was the time to put some of these insights into action.

Change is hard and we know that. But it’s vital to delivering on your expectations as clients, especially as we continue to grow and as more and more of you tell us you like online self-service functions. We anticipate that by matching these updates with specific client requests, we’ll be able to serve you even better.

5. Tools for you to use
We know you’re on the go. We’ve provided new resources and training options that allow you to self-serve or view tutorials on how to best use the site.