Open enrollment doesn’t have to be complicated

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Chad Prittie
Regional Vice President

You have enough to worry about. Vision enrollment shouldn't be on your stress list.

It’s that time again—open enrollment for vision and other elected benefits. It’s one of our favorite times of year because we get to readily and broadly share how important vision benefits are to employees’ vision and overall health. But not everyone gets excited about open enrollment.

Research shows most employees pick benefits the same way they rip off a bandage - quickly. Consumers take an average of just 16 minutes to decide on benefit options during open enrollment, compared to 79 days for a major purchase over $500. [1]

That’s okay; we get it. For employees who know exactly what they want, the enrollment experience might be straightforward. For others, it can be intimidating, given the multitude of benefit options, complex insurance-speak and often boring comparison charts.

At EyeMed, we believe it’s part of our job to make the process easy and engaging for everyone – definitely for members and employees − but for brokers and employers, too.

For brokers and employers: event and communication resources

For employers and brokers, we help build awareness and generate excitement before, during and after open enrollment (by the way, did you know – 53% of brokers say employers highly rely on them to manage open enrollment?). [2]

Consistently promoting open enrollment with engaging resources is a great way to get employees excited about choosing their benefits. It’s also a great way to get a head start in educating them. By making the process simple for you, we can help you increase the odds that more employees sign up and use their benefits—and that’s good for everyone. A couple ways we help:

For members: Online tools and information that simplify enrollment

Members who understand their benefits are more likely to value and use them. That’s why we’ve built a variety of online tools to make it easy for employees to compare and enroll in vision benefits:

Helping members understand and use their benefits

We also have members covered after enrollment − and all year long with:

Remember, for employees to take advantage of their vision benefits, and maybe even catch signs of a serious health condition early, they have to understand them. And that means delivering a simple, clear and straightforward vision benefit experience before and during enrollment and throughout the year.

To learn more about what makes EyeMed vision benefits easy and why more members typically enroll, use their benefit and stay in-network with EyeMed [3], visit


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3 EyeMed analysis of new business that transferred over from a prior benefits company, 2017