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It takes just minutes to find what you need

We created it just for you: a one-stop shop for tips and tools to make our plans the easiest you work with. You can log in any time by going to the site and logging in using your Tax ID number and the Tax ID zip code. You’ll want to make sure we have an email address for you so you we can let you know when new articles are added (usually once a month). Our simple Search tool is faster and easier than picking up the phone. You’ll find articles about all sorts of commonly asked questions. You can even search for groups near you who have our plans.

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Online claims and lab ordering

In the blink of an eye

Online claims and lab orders are fast and easy

You can file claims and place eyewear orders using our Online Claims System. If you don’t have a log-in yet, fill out and submit our registration form. You’ll be assigned a secure log-in and password so you can manage all your transactions right through the site. Most people tell us our system is the easiest of its kind. But if you need more help, training tools are right there on the site. In most cases, you can just follow the steps in the system to find member info and file claims.

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Smarty pants

Learning tools there if you need them

The truth is, you probably won’t need a lot of help to get started with us. Our providers tell us our systems are the easiest to use. When and if you need training, though, we have a variety of self-serve tool available. When you first join the network, you’ll get a welcome letter with details on how to access EyeMed Basics, an online overview of our program (which you can review any time on Provider Focus). Systems training is available in two places: on Provider Focus and under the Training menu in the Online Claims System. You’ll find printable user guides and step-by-step demos.


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We travel all over the country to attend industry events, where we have the chance to meet you in person. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming events: In October ... American Academy of Optometry In November ... Monterey Symposium and North Carolina

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    % of claims paid within 11 days

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Provider resources

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Back to basics

EyeMed Basics isn't just for new providers

Whether you've been on the network 10 days or 10 years, you'll probably learn something new on EyeMed Basics. This section of Provider Focus is chock full of information like what an ID card looks like, how recredentialing works, and what we look for in audits. (This info is only available for active providers, and you'll need to log in to inFocus.)

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